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Top 5 Perth Home Design Trends in 2022

May 15, 2022

At Evolve Builders we are always looking to improve our building knowledge and stay on top of local trends. Part of the advantage of building a luxury, custom home is the option to look to the future and try things you wouldn’t be able to experience with pre-designed builds. From new architectural styles, to innovations in technology and sustainability, we endeavor to stay up to date on the most interesting Perth home design trends happening across the industry.

Knowing what direction architects, builders and designers are heading helps us stay on top of industry trends and contributes to shaping our design decisions. When clients are looking for their dream home, they often come across the latest trends in their research. Our ability to stay on top of these trends allows us to have better conversations with our clients and ultimately build better homes.

If you haven’t built or renovated a home recently a lot has changed, especially as the last couple of years have changed the way we live. These are the top 5 trends we are seeing in Perth home designs in 2022.

Biophilic Design Principles

Perth is known for its weather and outdoor focused lifestyle with the desire of home buyers to be connected to nature and the eternal world becoming more and more prevalent. Biopholic design encompasses maximising the connection between your building and the natural world. In some ways this has been done for years, with things like timber floors, stone bench tops and houseplants, but in 2022 expect this to be taken further.

Expect homes to heavily feature earthy tones and darker timbers to make a comeback after years of lighter Scandinavian style designs. We also see more importance being placed on the inter connectivity of indoor and outdoor spaces, with homes being built to flow from one into the other.

Light and space is also a big focus of biophilic design in 2022 with focus on making greater use of daylight in the home and creating spaces that better capture and distribute the light. Perth home buyers are embracing these design principles more than ever so now is the time to look into how you can bring nature into your next home.

Smart Home Tech

Smart homes are continuing to get smarter and more cost effective. More and more home buyers are beginning to mention smart home features as one of the more important details they are looking for in a new home. From smart appliances, lights and curtains home automation to programmable thermostats and smarter energy consumption smart homes can help save time, effort and energy consumption.

We only see this trend growing as technology becomes better and cheaper. With companies like Apple on the forefront of personal privacy, one of the biggest barriers in this switch towards smart home living appears to be being addressed resulting in more and more home buyers ready to adopt these innovations.

Outdoor Living

While outdoor living is nothing new to Perth and Western Australia, with the trend towards working from home and having spend so much time stuck at home through Covid restrictions, there is a renewed interest in making these spaces as liveable as possible. Outdoor kitchens, sunrooms and semi closed pergolas in spaces with large windows and natural light blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor are all becoming increasingly popular.

Another feature we see more and more of is outdoor fire features. Forget the old 44-gallon drum cut in half. These days there are hundreds of different fire pit designs from simple, yet classy to those that could be considered artistic creations.

Functional Spaces

Many people are still spending more time at home than they did pre-pandemic, and it doesn’t look like a trend that is going away anytime soon. Working from home is still extremely popular with many offices looking at only going back to part-time in the office and part-time working from home. With this in mind functional floor plans in homes are increasingly important.

Many rooms or spaces that were once an out of reach luxury are becoming necessities as the way we use our homes changes. Small study nooks may no longer be enough, and for many new homes a large office is being prioritised and featured prominently rather than tucked away. This can include positioning for the best views and great use of natural light. Along with the office, living areas are on the move with open plan zoned living continuing to increase in popularity.

Locally Sourced Products & Materials

With supply chain issues all across the world and especially hitting the building industry hard, supporting local business and Australian manufacturing is increasingly important to many Australians. This presents opportunities for forward thinking builders and architects to incorporate local products and materials into their designs.

Since the pandemic this trend to buy local has really picked up steam and is something your new home can take advantage of. As we move further into 2022 and 2023 we expect to see more local options, not only for interior designs, but including timber and other structural materials provided locally. Watch this space in coming years for interesting innovation.

While the building industry is changing all the time, these are some of the more interesting changes we see now or expect to see in the near future.

If you are in the market for a custom home, or renovations to an existing home we would love to have an obligation free chat and see how we can help get you into your dream home.

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