Ideal Home Designs for Perth Homeowners in 2023

As long-term residents of Perth, Western Australia, we’re slightly biased about this beautiful city. From its rolling hills to stunning white beaches, Perth is known for its beautiful weather and outdoor lifestyle. If you think 2023 is the year to build your dream home in our gorgeous city, here are some of the best home designs to take advantage of Perth’s climate and natural surroundings.

Open-plan living

With Perth’s warm weather, an open-plan living design allows plenty of natural light and airflow. Consider incorporating large windows or glass doors that lead to an outdoor living space to take advantage of the beautiful views.

Alfresco dining

Outdoor entertaining is almost compulsory in Perth. Creating an outdoor dining area you can use year-round with a covered patio, built-in BBQ, and comfortable seating allows you to maximize your outdoor space.

Indoor-outdoor living

Blurring the barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces is still a fast-growing trend for home designers in Perth. Creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces through large sliding or folding doors allows you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your indoor living space.

Sustainable design

Perth is known for its hot, dry climate, so incorporating sustainable design elements can help reduce your energy bills and environmental impact. Consider incorporating elements like solar panels, water-saving fixtures, and energy-efficient appliances. Try to have your home with most windows facing north to help it capture and store more winter sun and heat.

Natural materials

Embrace Perth’s natural surroundings and consider using timber, stone, and brick materials in the home’s design. Not only are these materials visually stunning, but they can also help keep the house cool in the summer months.

Pool or spa

A swimming pool or spa is an excellent addition to any Perth home. There’s nothing better than diving into a sparkling pool on a hot summer day. 


If you’re like many Perth homeowners with an active outdoor lifestyle, it’s essential to incorporate ample storage space for bikes, surfboards, and other outdoor equipment.

Smart home technology

Incorporating innovative home technology can make daily tasks more efficient and convenient for homeowners. This can include automated lighting, climate control, and security systems.

By incorporating these design elements and building or renovating your home with Evolve Builders, you can create a beautiful and functional home that suits your lifestyle and takes advantage of the city’s natural beauty.

Choose Evolve Builders for your Perth home renovation 

When considering a renovation, you must trust your builder to work with the home’s existing style and understand the building practices used in the original build. 

At Evolve Builders, we have extensive experience working with older Perth properties. We will transform your home into what you want while honouring the existing aesthetic. 

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Renovation Plans

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the Perth rental market experience extraordinary growth, making building over renting a better and more affordable choice than ever. However, choosing a new home design is often tricky, and visiting a display village can leave you confused as to what you’re really getting with the purchase price. Let’s look at some factors to consider when choosing your house plans.

Prioritise your needs

Building a new home is a massive project and often the most significant financial commitment you’ll make in your lifetime, so it is essential to get it right. Whether you’re planning to build your dream home, create the perfect family home, or plan a retirement getaway for relaxing and recharging, you want to know you have the correct information to make your dream a reality.

Choosing the right house plan is an exciting and often stressful experience, but we’re here to help you with our tips and advice. To ensure you’ll love your new home or home renovation for years to come, you need a clear vision for the finished product. Let’s get into our guide to choosing a house plan, which will cover everything you need to know when making this big decision.

How to choose the right house plans

Start by considering the following:

Now you have more of an idea about what you want, let’s dig a little deeper.

Imagine yourself living in it

Now you’re one step closer to building your dream home; it is essential is has all the elements you need to let you live comfortably and happily. Imagine you and your family living in the house, cooking in the new kitchen, and entertaining in the garden. Does it feel right? If so, you know you’re onto a winner.

Allow for change

Think about what your family might look like in a few years’ time. Are you planning to have more children? Or are you patiently waiting for them to move out? Think about how many bedrooms you will need right now compared to what you’ll need in the future.

Choose Evolve Builders for your new home or home renovation design in Perth

Here at Evolve Builders, we love designing new house plans and renovations. As experienced home renovation and new home builders in Perth, our goal is to provide you with the best quality service possible.

If you are in the market for a custom home or want to renovate an existing home, we’d love to chat. See how we can help get you into your dream home.

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How to Find the Perfect Home Builder for You

So, you’re ready to dive into building your dream home. You’ve found the perfect block and have a good idea of the kind of home you want to build. But how do you find the right builder for your project? Choosing a builder for new home construction can be overwhelming, but it’s worth investing time in a little research to ensure you get the right one. 

There are several important factors to consider before deciding.

Price and budget

Here in Perth, there are all kinds of specialist builders covering:

The first step in any building project is finalising your budget. How much can you really afford? Be honest about this. You don’t want to run out of money with a half-built home. Your budget will help you decide which kind of home builder in Perth will suit your new home construction.

Reputation and references

We encourage you to read our reviews and speak to past or current clients before you sign. We have no issue with letting you speak to customers as we are proud of every project we’ve completed and every client relationship we’ve developed. 

Home style and preferences

Typically, home builders tend to specialise in certain styles. Some are single-storey specialists; some specialize in luxury bespoke designs. Choose a custom home builder in Perth who offers house designs you like, and you can afford. If you prefer a particular style, speak to the builder and ask them how many homes they have built in that style. 


Often builders have a preferred area to build. Some prefer coastal locations; some specialize in building in the Perth hills. Choose a builder that has built homes in your proposed area.

Working relationships

It is essential to create a positive working relationship with your home builder. The building process can be stressful, so you need to know your builder is working with your best interests at heart and is willing to communicate openly and honestly every step of the process. 

The goal is to choose a custom home builder that will deliver what you want, for the price you want, and with the level of service you need.

Choose Evolve Builders for your new home construction in Perth

Evolve Builders’ experienced draftspersons and designers will help create your perfect custom new home construction in Perth. 

Speak to our experienced team of custom home builders to determine if they are the right fit to build your dream home today. Our team can help you identify and refine your requirements, ensuring you get the home you want. 

We would love to have an obligation-free chat if you are ready to take the plunge and commence work on your custom home project.

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Building a House in Perth in 2023 – How Much Will it Cost?

The cost of building a house in Perth varies depending on several factors, including the size of the house, the location, the materials used, and the complexity of the design. Depending on those factors, you can expect to pay anywhere between $620 – $3900 per square metre.

However, it’s important to note that this is just an estimate, and the actual cost can be higher or lower depending on individual circumstances. Other factors that can impact the price include the cost of land, the cost of labour, and any additional costs associated with permits, inspections, and other regulatory requirements. 

Cost breakdown

It’s worth understanding where your money is going. Essentially the cost breakdown looks like this:

Potential Hidden Costs

Size – it matters

It’s no surprise that bigger homes typically cost more. Building a three-storey luxury mansion will be more expensive than using budget materials in a suburban 3-bedroom, single-storey home. The first step is to sit down and create a budget for your build. While lounging by your 25-metre lap pool sounds lovely in theory, building costs money – and you must be able to afford it. Speak to a builder who can get the most out of smaller spaces.


Again, the higher the quality, the higher the cost. You may need to compromise to keep home-building budgets in check. Create a list of must-haves (e.g., stone benchtop, luxury ensuite) and compromise on non-essentials (e.g., lower quality carpet in the kids’ rooms). Discuss this with your custom home builder, finding one that can work within your budget.


Depending on which new home construction company you choose to build your house, even the design process can be expensive. You can reduce costs in this area by selecting an experienced and professional builder who understands how to create the perfect design to meet your needs and budget.

Location and site considerations

Is your block on a slope? Are there established trees that you must consider? The conditions of your site can significantly affect the cost of your build. Soil type, trees, or rocks to work around or remove, the water table, and block steepness can all blow out your budget before building commences.

Evolve Builders are here to help

Are you thinking about building and want to talk to a professional about your options? The experienced team at Evolve Builders would love to sit with you and have an open and honest discussion about home building in Perth. Evolve Builders’ experienced draftspersons, and designers will help create your perfect custom new home construction in Perth. 

Our team can help you identify and refine your requirements, ensuring you get your desired home. 

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To Buy or To Build – That is the Question

Buying or building a house depends on several factors, including personal preferences, financial situation, and the local real estate market conditions. Buying an established house might be the best option if you prefer a move-in-ready home and get overwhelmed at the thought of building.

Buying a house also offers the advantage of moving in quickly and not dealing with the construction process. On the other hand, building a house allows you to customise your home to your needs and preferences. You can choose the layout, materials, and features you want, which can be especially appealing if you have a specific vision for your dream home.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding which option to take.


Building a house can be more expensive than buying an existing one, especially if you want to customise the design, layout, and features. Be honest about what you can afford, as this will help the builder create the perfect home. Ensure your budget covers unexpected costs – it is always good to be prepared. With the Perth property market running hot, building might be a more affordable option.


When you want to move can heavily influence whether you buy or build. If you need to move quickly, consider looking for an established home to purchase. If you have time on your side, building allows you to create your perfect home, designed to meet your specific needs. 


When it comes to property, think location, location, location. If you know where you want to live, search for available blocks. If no land is available, consider buying an established home and renovating.

Personal preferences

Think about what you want in a house, then explore the market. If you find something that ticks most of your boxes, consider making an offer – you can always renovate later. If you have a specific idea about what you want, contact an experienced homebuilder in Perth to help bring your vision to life.

Market conditions 

The local real estate market conditions might also affect your decision. It’s no secret that the Perth housing market is booming, which might mean buying a house is more expensive than building one. We’d love to talk to you about our custom home and turnkey home options in Perth; contact us to start a conversation.

Ultimately, buying or building a house depends on your unique circumstances and priorities. 

Choose Evolve Builders for your custom home 

Evolve Builders’ experienced draftspersons, and designers will help create your dream home construction in Perth. Speak to our professional team of custom home builders to determine if they are the right fit to build your dream home today. Our team can help you identify and refine your requirements, ensuring you get your desired home. We can also step you through any home renovations you might be considering.

Contact Evolve Builders today for an obligation-free chat.

How to Find the Best Value Land in Perth

The Perth property market is still booming and shows little signs of slowing down, but that doesn’t mean that finding good value land is impossible. Finding the best block of land depends on several factors, including your budget, location preferences, and how you want to use the land. Here are some steps to help you find the best value land in Perth.

Know your budget

Before you start your search, you should clearly know how much you can afford to spend on the land. This will help you narrow down your options and save time. Use real estate websites like or and filter by prices to find blocks within your budget.

Decide on the location

Perth is a large city, and block size and quality vary significantly depending on the location. If you are looking for a large block, or even an acreage, you might need to look to the hills or out of the CBD. If you love living in a bustling metropolis, the land you find will likely be much smaller. Base your home’s location on your lifestyle, commute, and other factors.

Do your research 

A little research can go a long way when helping to find a great value piece of land. Look at real estate websites, consult with local agents, and attend open houses to get a feel for the market.

Consider the land’s features

When evaluating potential blocks of land, consider the size, shape, topography, soil quality, and access to utilities. These factors can affect the land’s value and suitability for your intended use.

Check zoning regulations

Ensure the land you are interested in is zoned for the intended use. Zoning regulations can impact the type of structures you can build on the land, the height of the buildings, and other factors. If you are considering building at the front of the block to subdivide in the future, ensure the zoning reflects that option.

Get a land survey

A land survey gives an accurate picture of the boundaries of the property and any easements or other encumbrances. It can also help you avoid any neighbourly disputes.

Seek professional advice

Talking to real estate professionals can help you make an informed decision about purchasing land in Perth. They can provide valuable market insights and advice to ensure you make the best investment possible.

Evolve Builders – creating beautiful custom homes across Perth

Building a custom home in Perth with Evolve is a unique experience. We focus on creating a customised journey from start to finish. As new home builders of choice, each home we create reflects the owner’s needs and personality. From choosing your block of land in Perth to the final touches and handing over the keys, our team will be by your side, ensuring your new home is everything you desire. 

Our team’s communication and adherence to the process ensure great results and a stress-free, enjoyable experience. If you are in the market for a custom home or are considering renovations to an existing home, call us for an obligation-free chat to see how we can help get you into your perfect home sooner.

As luxury home builders in Perth, whether your new block of land is in the city, Fremantle, or the surrounding suburbs, let Evolve Builders help bring your dream home to life.

Common Mistakes In Selecting A Home Builder

Choosing a custom home builder for your home is a big decision and choosing the wrong one can cost you a lot. A reputable builder will do an excellent job for you without overcharging you. There are, however, some builders who will take advantage of your limited knowledge of construction methods and materials. Selecting these wrong builders may result in higher costs in the long run. When choosing a custom home builder in Perth, consider these factors.

Tips To Keep in Mind When Selecting A Custom Home Builder In Perth

1. Don’t Be Attracted by Extraordinarily Cheap Prices

Many first-time homeowners have a fixed budget in their minds, and they try to stick to the budget under any circumstance. While we understand this perspective, we’ve observed that many home builders omit items or understate the cost of necessary construction components.

If you’re looking for a home builder and most are quoting you a price between $600,000 and $700,000 and you find a builder willing to sell a similar build for well under $500,000, then its time to investigate how!

Ask questions, as many of them as you can think of. Get everything in writing and ensure they don’t cut corners on building materials and quality. Research the custom home builder’s reputation thoroughly and only then finalise a contract.

Always remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Get Everything In Writing

Many operators have adapted a new playbook of making unrealistic verbal promises without providing a written quotation or contract. This leads to disagreements between the builder and the homeowner down the line.

To avoid issues, document each statement in writing. Get a formal quote that includes every condition, material specification, value-added services etc. If a builder refuses to provide a written document with everything agreed upon, walk away. Don’t hesitate to go to a different custom home builder in Perth who will provide you with all the things, in writing, to ensure your interests are safeguarded in the case of a conflict.

3. Pay In Parts

If a custom home builder asks for a substantial deposit upfront, this could indicate that they don’t have enough working capital to invest in your project. The Home Building Contracts Act of 1991 suggests that payments should be released frequently and regularly in parts as the phases of construction are completed, with a maximum of 6.5% deposit prior to work starting.

4. Do Not Sign Anything Before You Have Thoroughly Reviewed It

Many custom home builders in Australia pressure customers into signing a contract before they have thoroughly reviewed the fine print, terms and conditions.

Our team explain the uncommon terms that are found within a specification or contract such as Provisional Sum and Prime Cost items.

Once you have the discussion with a custom home builder in Perth and have a contract to review, make sure to take your time with it and, if possible, have your legal counsel review it before you sign anything.

5. Understand And Agree On The Building Timeline

Construction is dynamic and many things can change the timeline for the final product. However, having a clear plan laid out for the construction with all buffers built into place will help both the custom home builder and the client to get the desired outcome.

Some custom home builders in Perth commit to unrealistic building timelines to sign on more customers and then keep pushing the delivery date ahead without considering the needs of the customers. Evolve Builders only commit to a small number of projects per year to allow us to effectively manage quality, budgets and timeframes.

A reputed custom home builder in Australia, like Evolve Builders, will clearly define the construction timeline and explain all the steps involved in the process to ensure the customer is always aware of what’s happening.

6. Work With Experienced, Established Industry Players

Experience is the teacher of all things. Working with established and knowledgeable custom home builders in Perth enables you to rest assured, knowing your house will turn out precisely the way you want.

If you’re looking for an architecturally designed luxury home and the builder you select only has experience building off the shelf designs, the final product is bound to be inferior. On the other hand, if you choose a custom home builder who’s an expert at building the kind of home you want, then the final product you get will definitely exceed expectations.

A Guide To Identifying A Legit Custom Home Builder In Australia

1. Has A Good Reputation

Choosing a custom home builder in Perth that has an excellent online presence, testimonials and references will be beneficial for you as these businesses are more willing to support their product and work through any disputes in a professional manner.

2. Has References And Testimonials

Recent references and testimonials from satisfied customers are a must. Ask your custom home builder for references from their past customers. Contact some of these customers and ask about their experience with the custom home builder, any issues they faced while their house was being built and if they’d choose the same builder again to build their home.

The answers to these questions will help you determine if the custom home builder you’re looking to finalise is a good choice for your home in Perth.

3. Wide Range Of Options For Selections

If a custom home builder offers a limited number of customisation options, then they may not have the capacity or resources to provide you with what you need. This isn’t a red flag in itself, but it’s always better to work with a company that gives you flexibility to choose items that suit your style.

4. Licences And Authorisations

All Perth builders must be registered to obtain Home Indemnity Insurance and Council Building Permits. Ask your builder for evidence of their registration.

5. A Documented QA/QC Process

All established custom home builders have a well-documented QA/QC process in place to check for any quality issues that would hamper your experience. Ask about their QA/QC process before you finalise a custom home builder in Perth.

To sum up, choosing the wrong builder could cost you more. Therefore, it is essential to research and choose a reputable builder with experience and expertise in building the kind of home you’re looking for.

Please speak to our team at Evolve today to understand how we can help you fulfil your dream and build the house you’ve always wanted.

Is Hiring An Architect Necessary For My Custom Home Build

Building a custom home often poses the question of whether an architect is necessary. According to our experience, it depends on the project. An architect may not be essential to assist you with the design of your new custom designed home. At Evolve Builders, we design and construct custom homes with careful consideration of the aesthetics, function and budget.

In this blog, we answer some common questions and help you determine if you need an architect for your custom home build in Perth.

Is Hiring An Architect Necessary For My Custom Home Build?

To build a great house, you need a thoroughly developed floor plan. However, it is common to collaborate with a custom home builder, to design your floor plan without the help of an architect.

So, to answer the question – Is Hiring An Architect Necessary For My Custom Home Build? The answer is no, there is no specific requirement to engage an architect to design your new home.

Many well-known builders, like Evolve Builders in Perth, WA, offer various design services that enable you to create your customized floor plan per your requirements.

Also, here are some factors to consider when choosing a custom home builder in Perth.

Does Evolve Builders Provide Architectural Recommendations

Yes, Evolve Builders have experienced draftspersons and designers and can offer architectural recommendations to help you build your dream home within your budget. Speak to our experienced team of custom home builders in Perth to determine if you need an architect to build your dream home today. Our team will also help you identify and refine your requirements. Contact Evolve Builders to design and build your custom home in Perth.

The Pros and Cons of Turn Key Homes

Have you always dreamt of buying a designer home in Perth, WA, for your family but haven’t had the time to plan out the project and execute it? Turnkey homes from experienced home builders of Perth, Australia, may be the perfect option for you!

In this blog, let’s look at turnkey homes, their benefits and disadvantages and why you should consider a turnkey home in Perth, Western Australia.

What Are Turn Key Homes?

Turnkey homes in Perth are homes that are ready to live in once you turn the key to enter your place. That means everything else has already been taken care of for you. Turn key homes in Perth are the prefered choice provided to customers by home builders of Perth as they are completely finished and ready to live in when they purchase them.

Since the house sold to a customer is in a finished condition. The customer does not need to do any work on the property before they can move in. This type of property is becoming increasingly popular in Perth, WA, as it offers buyers a stress-free way to purchase a new home built to their wishes and specifications and is fully ready to move in and enjoy.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Turnkey Homes? – Why Are New Home Builders Of Perth Seeing Great Demand

Turnkey homes are becoming increasingly popular across western Australia and Perth. New home builders in Perth are marketing them as a great option for busy families or individuals who do not want to deal with the hassle and expense of traditional home construction. Here are the pros and cons of turn key homes in Perth, WA.

Benefits Of Turnkey Homes In Perth

1. Built as per customer’s specification or new home builders’ demo model

2. Minimal stress, as all things are completely managed by the builder

3. Includes multiple modern amenities like modular kitchens, patios, outdoor decks etc.

4. No expenses on renovations and changes

5. Streamlined purchase and maintenance process

6. Excellent resale values

A Reddit user that goes by u/journeyofamigranttt says – “Friends that have them have been having good experiences. This is even 10 years out.”

So there are many benefits of going for a turnkey home in Perth from designer home builders in Perth Australia

Disadvantages Of Turnkey Homes In Perth

1. Turnkey homes often attract a premium over traditionally built houses

2. Some home builders tend to cheap out on appliances, bathroom fittings etc.

3. You may have less control over the whole process and may have to compromise on certain aspects of your house

Conclusion – Why Turn Key Homes Are A Great Option

Turnkey homes in Perth are a great option for people who want to quickly move into a new home without having to worry about any of the construction or renovation work since nearly everything is already done for you. So all you have to do is enjoy your new home.

If you’re looking for a quotation or would like to take a look at our work, kindly contact us and book a free consultation.

Top 5 Perth Home Design Trends in 2022

At Evolve Builders we are always looking to improve our building knowledge and stay on top of local trends. Part of the advantage of building a luxury, custom home is the option to look to the future and try things you wouldn’t be able to experience with pre-designed builds. From new architectural styles, to innovations in technology and sustainability, we endeavor to stay up to date on the most interesting Perth home design trends happening across the industry.

Knowing what direction architects, builders and designers are heading helps us stay on top of industry trends and contributes to shaping our design decisions. When clients are looking for their dream home, they often come across the latest trends in their research. Our ability to stay on top of these trends allows us to have better conversations with our clients and ultimately build better homes.

If you haven’t built or renovated a home recently a lot has changed, especially as the last couple of years have changed the way we live. These are the top 5 trends we are seeing in Perth home designs in 2022.

Biophilic Design Principles

Perth is known for its weather and outdoor focused lifestyle with the desire of home buyers to be connected to nature and the eternal world becoming more and more prevalent. Biopholic design encompasses maximising the connection between your building and the natural world. In some ways this has been done for years, with things like timber floors, stone bench tops and houseplants, but in 2022 expect this to be taken further.

Expect homes to heavily feature earthy tones and darker timbers to make a comeback after years of lighter Scandinavian style designs. We also see more importance being placed on the inter connectivity of indoor and outdoor spaces, with homes being built to flow from one into the other.

Light and space is also a big focus of biophilic design in 2022 with focus on making greater use of daylight in the home and creating spaces that better capture and distribute the light. Perth home buyers are embracing these design principles more than ever so now is the time to look into how you can bring nature into your next home.

Smart Home Tech

Smart homes are continuing to get smarter and more cost effective. More and more home buyers are beginning to mention smart home features as one of the more important details they are looking for in a new home. From smart appliances, lights and curtains home automation to programmable thermostats and smarter energy consumption smart homes can help save time, effort and energy consumption.

We only see this trend growing as technology becomes better and cheaper. With companies like Apple on the forefront of personal privacy, one of the biggest barriers in this switch towards smart home living appears to be being addressed resulting in more and more home buyers ready to adopt these innovations.

Outdoor Living

While outdoor living is nothing new to Perth and Western Australia, with the trend towards working from home and having spend so much time stuck at home through Covid restrictions, there is a renewed interest in making these spaces as liveable as possible. Outdoor kitchens, sunrooms and semi closed pergolas in spaces with large windows and natural light blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor are all becoming increasingly popular.

Another feature we see more and more of is outdoor fire features. Forget the old 44-gallon drum cut in half. These days there are hundreds of different fire pit designs from simple, yet classy to those that could be considered artistic creations.

Functional Spaces

Many people are still spending more time at home than they did pre-pandemic, and it doesn’t look like a trend that is going away anytime soon. Working from home is still extremely popular with many offices looking at only going back to part-time in the office and part-time working from home. With this in mind functional floor plans in homes are increasingly important.

Many rooms or spaces that were once an out of reach luxury are becoming necessities as the way we use our homes changes. Small study nooks may no longer be enough, and for many new homes a large office is being prioritised and featured prominently rather than tucked away. This can include positioning for the best views and great use of natural light. Along with the office, living areas are on the move with open plan zoned living continuing to increase in popularity.

Locally Sourced Products & Materials

With supply chain issues all across the world and especially hitting the building industry hard, supporting local business and Australian manufacturing is increasingly important to many Australians. This presents opportunities for forward thinking builders and architects to incorporate local products and materials into their designs.

Since the pandemic this trend to buy local has really picked up steam and is something your new home can take advantage of. As we move further into 2022 and 2023 we expect to see more local options, not only for interior designs, but including timber and other structural materials provided locally. Watch this space in coming years for interesting innovation.

While the building industry is changing all the time, these are some of the more interesting changes we see now or expect to see in the near future.

If you are in the market for a custom home, or renovations to an existing home we would love to have an obligation free chat and see how we can help get you into your dream home.

Learn more about Evolve Builders here.