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Ideal Home Designs for Perth Homeowners in 2023

March 25, 2023

As long-term residents of Perth, Western Australia, we’re slightly biased about this beautiful city. From its rolling hills to stunning white beaches, Perth is known for its beautiful weather and outdoor lifestyle. If you think 2023 is the year to build your dream home in our gorgeous city, here are some of the best home designs to take advantage of Perth’s climate and natural surroundings.

Open-plan living

With Perth’s warm weather, an open-plan living design allows plenty of natural light and airflow. Consider incorporating large windows or glass doors that lead to an outdoor living space to take advantage of the beautiful views.

Alfresco dining

Outdoor entertaining is almost compulsory in Perth. Creating an outdoor dining area you can use year-round with a covered patio, built-in BBQ, and comfortable seating allows you to maximize your outdoor space.

Indoor-outdoor living

Blurring the barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces is still a fast-growing trend for home designers in Perth. Creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces through large sliding or folding doors allows you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your indoor living space.

Sustainable design

Perth is known for its hot, dry climate, so incorporating sustainable design elements can help reduce your energy bills and environmental impact. Consider incorporating elements like solar panels, water-saving fixtures, and energy-efficient appliances. Try to have your home with most windows facing north to help it capture and store more winter sun and heat.

Natural materials

Embrace Perth’s natural surroundings and consider using timber, stone, and brick materials in the home’s design. Not only are these materials visually stunning, but they can also help keep the house cool in the summer months.

Pool or spa

A swimming pool or spa is an excellent addition to any Perth home. There’s nothing better than diving into a sparkling pool on a hot summer day. 


If you’re like many Perth homeowners with an active outdoor lifestyle, it’s essential to incorporate ample storage space for bikes, surfboards, and other outdoor equipment.

Smart home technology

Incorporating innovative home technology can make daily tasks more efficient and convenient for homeowners. This can include automated lighting, climate control, and security systems.

By incorporating these design elements and building or renovating your home with Evolve Builders, you can create a beautiful and functional home that suits your lifestyle and takes advantage of the city’s natural beauty.

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When considering a renovation, you must trust your builder to work with the home’s existing style and understand the building practices used in the original build. 

At Evolve Builders, we have extensive experience working with older Perth properties. We will transform your home into what you want while honouring the existing aesthetic. 

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